Context is concerned with the Who, When and Where of an applied game.

The game's average player is , , and aged to .

Important things to keep in mind are that the player

The player is with playing games, and is most likely to play them for .

The game's user is a , who will use it as a tool.


The player will play the game on , which an internet connection.

The user can access the backend tool from . They are in working with this device. It will take the player per for a period of for the game to have the best results.


Content is concerned with the What of an applied game.

The game has an impact when the player .

The game has an impact when the user .


Transfer is concerned with the Why and How of an applied game

The player must during the game in order for the game activity to be relevant.

The user must be able to for the game to be used as a tool.


The goal of the game is to .

The player's main activity during the game will be .

The player will find the game to be fun because they will during the game.