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We are an association of game designers who create games for entertainment, safety, health, and education. Our team of experts is here to help you make a positive impact on society with our innovative game designs. We specialize in both physical and digital game designs and can provide you with the best co-design and development processes. Let us help you make your game vision a reality!



We strive to create meaningful experiences, set clear design goals, and achieve tangible results to ensure your game engages players, fits your investment, and becomes a viable business solution. From entertainment to serious gaming, gamification to playful design, our goal is to help you create an impactful project that engages the target audience, is intuitive to use, and is fitted for real-world situations.

Our approach:

  • Create meaningful experiences.
  • Set clear design goals
  • Achieve clear results
  • Aim for high rates of adoption


in a nutshell

Applied game design is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of related concepts. Their common denominator is that each of these solutions tackles a real-world problem by using game thinking and principles. Below are four common terms used to describe applied game products:

Serious Game

A standalone game that deals with a specific real-world subject and seamlessly incorporates it into a product that’s both useful and fun.


The application of game thinking to bring about behavior change by using game-elements and structures to make pre-existing tasks more fun and stimulating.

Playful Design

(Visual) design that engages the audience in a unique way by, for example, making them think or encouraging an action.

UI/UX Design

Designing a product, such as an app or a website, so that it is easy and intuitive to navigate and the user can use it without problems.


At Game Architect Studio, we are passionate about helping game designers and start-ups reach their full potential. Our coaching and mentoring services provide the resources and guidance you need to become the best game designer or start-up entrepreneur you can be. We believe in creating a supportive and encouraging environment so everyone can reach their goals and create amazing projects! Let us help you take your ideas to the next level, and join your mission to create amazing games!

Game design and development

We are here to help you create the best games and experiences possible. Our team has the experience and expertise to develop Serious Games, Gamification, Entertainment Games, and Experimental Games. We provide game design, project management, user research, quality assurance, and consultancy.

We understand that game design and development is a complex process, requiring many different skills and expertise. That’s why we work closely with you every step of the way, ensuring that your game is designed and developed to meet your exact needs. We understand that each game is unique and will tailor our design and development process to ensure the best possible outcome.

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