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Who we are

We are Game Architect. We design games because we believe in their power to connect, engage and inspire people in a way no other medium can. Games, digital or physical, can provide simple solutions to complicated problems in almost every imaginable field, but the design process can be daunting and confusing.
Luckily, we know everything about the design and development of these products. We would love to guide you through the maze of this ever-expanding industry, take some work off your hands, and make sure that you end up with a product that works, looks and feels great.

"Games are not fun because they are games, but are fun because they are well-designed." -Sebastian Deterding


What we do

Expert Advice

We can help you navigate the jargon of the creative industries, give you a heads-up regarding common pitfalls, or help spark your organization's interest in serious games and gamification through workshops or lectures.

Creative Direction

Running a game project can be risky and daunting. We can offer a helping hand by helping you define your goals, manage interaction between parties involved, or help you find the development studio that best suits your specific needs.

Smart Design

Need an experienced game or app designer? We have designed games for entertainment, safety, health and education, and can guide you through all stages of development.


Our Game Design Tools

Besides designing applied games and apps, we also aim to share our acquired knowledge and experience with the rest of the world by means of several game design tools - tools to help designers, clients, investors and other stakeholders streamline their process.

Epistemic Cards

Web Design

Project Link

A tool to help facilitate communications regarding the design process between designers, clients and other stakeholders.

Applied Game Design Cards

Concepting & Evaluation

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A set of obvious and less obvious questions, designed to serve as a checklist, inspiration or food for thought for designers.

Game Design Patterns

Game Design Theory

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An interactive graph based on the book "Patterns in Game Design" by Staffan Björk and Jussi Holopainen.

Scope Model Tool (ScoMo)


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A tool to help designers and clients get a clear overview of their goals, context and target audience.

Applied Game Design Canvas

Game Design

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A tool to help game designers get a clear overview of the most important aspects that need to be covered during the game design process.

Who We Have Worked With


Who are we

Micah Hrehovcsik

Game & UX Designer

Lillian Souwer

Game & UX Designer

Contact Us

Curious how games can enhance your organization? Let's be in touch. (+31) 6 49 81 42 17

Where To Find Us

Game Architect Studio
Europalaan 400, 6th Floor
3526 KS, Utrecht
The Netherlands

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